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What is an Easement?
And why is it important?

Did you know that there may be land on your property which reserved for preservation or development by Nova Scotia or one of its municiple services? This is called an easement. It may be located within a certain distances of public roads, power lines, or water supplies such as rivers or lakes.

This is important for a number of reasons. You as the property owner maintain the onus of caring for this land, but are restricted from developing it in certain ways. You may not alter its shape, gradient or, in some cases, foliage. Placing an out building, such as a shed or garage, on this portion of your property is prohibited.

Don’t make the mistake of developing on an easement, as this could lead to costly removal or fines down the road. Contact a land surveyor to have your boundary traced and easements marked before doing any development on your property.

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