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How do I Subdivide Land?
And why would I?

To subdivide land is to legally divide a piece of property into smaller parcels. This is registered with the provincial government bodies and recognized heretofore as separate entities and may be bought, sold or developed individually. 
The process of subdividing land is determined by a number of factors, including intent and municipal services. Contracting a Nova Scotia Land Surveyor to facilitate the subdivide on your behalf may reduce the time and complexity of the process. You can find out more about subdividing land in Nova Scotia by visiting

You may choose to subdivide your land for a number of reasons. If you have a large parcel, it may be financially advantageous to divide the parcel into smaller lots and sell or develop them. You may also have a number of family members to whom you would like to leave a portion each as inheritance. Development of surrounding land may impact a portion of the property in which you hold interest, subdividing and deeding the land to developers may be required, such is often the case with the development of highways or extended municipal services.

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